NES News - 2013

An apple a day could avoid 8,500 deaths a year

19 December 2013
Researchers have said that if everyone over 50 ate one apple a day, then 8,500 deaths from heart attacks and strokes could be avoided each year in the UK. Read More

25,000 doctors have their licences renewed in first year of checks

10 December 2013
In the first year of implementation, nearly 25,000 doctors practising in the UK had their licences revalidated, the GMC has confirmed. Read More

NHS to ban smoking in all hospital grounds?

28 November 2013
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has said that smoking shelters should be scrapped to stop patients, visitors and staff from smoking. Read More

NES Healthcare Wins Prestigious Award

27 November 2013
The work of NES Healthcare in bringing the most capable and dedicated doctors to the Independent Sector was recognised last month at the annual Independent Healthcare Awards. Read More

Children's fitness levels declining

20 November 2013
A study of global fitness states that many children cannot run as fast as their parents could when they were young. Read More

New cancer screen offers more protection

08 November 2013
According to a new study, screening for a virus linked to cervical cancer can give up to 70% better protection against the disease than the standard smear tests. Read More

Potential for new HIV treatment

01 November 2013
According to animal studies published in the journal Nature, a potential new treatment for HIV has an extraordinary impact on the virus. Read More

Could the role of saturated fat in heart disease be a myth?

24 October 2013
A UK cardiologist has pointed out that since we started following advice to remove saturated fat from our diets, cardiovascular risk has increased. Read More

Exercise just as good as pills?

02 October 2013
A study has found that exercise could be as good a medicine as pills for people with conditions such as heart disease. Read More

Blueberries could reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes

26 September 2013
A study in the British Medical Journal has shown that eating more fruit, in particular blueberries, apples and grapes could mean a reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Read More

New plans to tackle resistance to antibiotics

19 September 2013
New action by government organisations has been prompted by concerning antibiotic resistance. Read More

GMC to check English skills of doctors working in the UK

11 September 2013
Due to government proposals, the General Medical Council is now going to be checking the English language skills of all doctors working in the UK. Read More

Potential for ovarian cancer screening

29 August 2013
According to researchers in the USA, a new way of screening for ovarian cancer is showing real potential. Read More

Where you live could affect cancer survival rates

22 August 2013
A cancer charity has highlighted a wide variation in the chances of getting and surviving cancer across the UK. Read More

Could Alzheimer's be diagnosed a decade sooner?

15 August 2013
Scientists are developing a new test that may allow Alzheimer’s disease to be diagnosed up to a decade before symptoms appear. Read More

Can Cancer be Researched Without Animal Testing?

08 August 2013
Two new methods have been found by the Journal of Visualized Experiments, for scientists to treat and study tumor growth without the need to test on animals. Read More

NES Nominated for an Award

07 August 2013
NES Healthcare has been selected as a finalist for the prestigious Laing & Buisson Independent Healthcare Awards. Read More

Stem Cells to Help Cure Blindness?

25 July 2013
Scientists in the UK have announced that there exists the possibility of potentially reversing blindness. Read More

Donor consent to be enforced?

11 July 2013
Proposals to prevent relatives from over-riding the wishes of those that have signed up to the organ donor register are being considered by the NHS. Read More

The CPR App

22 May 2013
The Resuscitation Council (UK) has joined forces with award-winning production company UNIT9 to develop LIFESAVER, an interactive film to teach CPR. Read More

Calls for organ donors’ wishes not to be over-ridden by relatives

12 April 2013
The head of a Government task force has called for the practice of organ donation to change so that the families of deceased donors cannot over-ride their wishes. Read More

NES Healthcare is now a Designated Body

08 April 2013
NES Healthcare is now listed as one of the Designated Bodies on the GMC’s website. Read More

Shadow Health Secretary backs CPR in schools

05 April 2013
Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, Andy Burnham MP, has spoken out about the importance of emergency life support skills being taught as part of the National Curriculum. Read More

The GMC's Good Medical Practice

27 March 2013
The GMC recently issued the latest edition of their core guidance for doctors; Good Medical Practice. This is an update of the 2006 edition and, as before, sets out the standards expected of every doctor on the register. Please read on for full details. Read More

Bluetooth blood testing device developed

22 March 2013
Scientists have developed a blood-testing device that sits under a patient’s skin and can send instant reading results to a mobile phone via radiowaves and Bluetooth. Read More

Prolonged CPR on children could save more lives

19 March 2013
Administering CPR for a longer period of time to children suffering a cardiac arrest can be more effective than originally thought, according to new research in Circulation, an American Heart Association journal. Read More

New edition of GMC’s Good Medical Practice

11 March 2013
The General Medical Council (GMC) is due to release a new edition of Good Medical Practice and explanatory guidance on its website. Read More

A simple test to diagnose stomach cancer

08 March 2013
A small Chinese study has found that a simple breath test can diagnose stomach cancer and identify how advanced it has become. Read More

EU doctors to face tougher language checks

01 March 2013
The government has plans to make senior doctors within the NHS legally responsible for checking the language and communication skills of EU doctors. Read More

Quitting smoking reduces anxiety

25 February 2013
Researchers from Oxford, Cambridge and King’s College in London have found a significant decrease in anxiety levels in people who have managed to quit smoking. Read More

Sea bed explored for new antibiotics

15 February 2013
Scientists at Aberdeen University are leading a team of researchers on an £8m project to discover new antibiotics in deep sea trenches. Read More

Hands-only CPR shows higher survival rate

11 February 2013
A new Japanese study has shown that early administration of compression-only CPR, without the use of rescue breaths, kept more people alive following a sudden cardiac arrest. Read More

15-year-old invents groundbreaking cancer test

30 January 2013
Jack Andraka, a 15-year-old school boy from Maryland, has developed a simple test to detect the early stages of pancreatic cancer. He has claimed that, with the test catching the early indicators of the disease so early on, his invention could make survival rates ‘close to 100 percent’. Read More

NHS to modernise maternity units

25 January 2013
Over 100 hospitals in England will be given a share of a £25m fund to update their maternity units in an attempt to deal with rising demands and a shortage of midwifes in the midst of a decade-long baby boom. Read More

Critically ill boy receives heart transplant in time

18 January 2013
Will Pope, 20, from Buckinghamshire has been the focus of a Daily Mail campaign recently to encourage its readers to sign up as organ donors. Read More

Charities recommend a sober January

11 January 2013
With a large number of us attempting to kick-start the New Year by heading to the gym more often and eating more healthily, two major charities have decided to launch a sponsored ‘Dry January’ with the money raised going towards alcohol research. Read More

First hand transplant in UK is a success

07 January 2013
Following an eight-hour operation the first hand transplant to be carried out in the UK appears to have been a success, although it is still too early to ascertain how much control of the hand will be gained following the procedure. Read More