NES News - 2015

Sugar and carbs are the main cause of obesity, not lack of exercise

24 April 2015
An article a journal from The BMJ says that obesity "cannot be outrun by exercise." It suggests that bad diets are the reason for obesity, not a lack of exercise. Read More

Melanoma drug could be used to treat advanced lung cancer

20 April 2015
Researchers from the University of California-Los Angeles say that a drug approved for treating melanoma has shown promise for the treatment of advanced nonsmall cell lung cancer. Read More

Greater Manchester is to control a £6bn NHS budget

27 February 2015
Greater Manchester will become the first English region to get full control of its health spending, as part of transferred powers. Read More

MPs vote to approve three parent IVF

19 February 2015
MPs have voted in favour of creating babies with DNA from two women and one man. Read More

Does hormone replacement therapy increase the risk of ovarian cancer?

13 February 2015
An analysis from The University of Oxford showed there was an extra case for every 1,000 women taking HRT drugs for 5 years, from the age of 50. Read More

Flu vaccine - Ministers might have known of dangerous new strain of flu last year

06 February 2015
The World Health Organisation, who work closely with the Government, knew last March that a dangerous new strain of flu had come about Read More

Health services are to display CQC inspection ratings

29 January 2015
All public and private healthcare organisations are to clearly display the Care Quality Commission inspection rating. Read More

Is lack of exercise deadlier than obesity?

16 January 2015
A new study has suggested that being inactive could be twice as fatal as being obese. Read More

Antibiotics discovery in the US could be a 'game-changer' for medicine

08 January 2015
The lack of antibiotic discovery over the last few decades could be over after US scientists have a breakthrough. Read More