Recruitment & Selection

NES has maintained a South African Recruitment office since 1998 which continues to recruit doctors for the UK, as well as running a successful locum operation providing medical staff to the South African health service.


NES has its own dedicated UK Recruitment team which sources doctors from all over the world. NES also works with medical recruitment partners in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and India.


Recruitment of high-quality medical professionals is of paramount importance to us and we maintain an ongoing presence in medical journals around the world. Doctors seeking employment with NES are required to go through a strict recruitment process.


Every applicant to NES must complete a preliminary Medical English Test. This is to ensure that they have the required level of language competence to proceed through the process.


Before starting work at one of our client facilities, candidates are required to successfully complete our Training and Assessment Programme.


Upon arrival at a new hospital, all new RMOs are required to shadow the existing doctor for a minimum period of one week, during which they are able to undertake their induction and complete basic competencies. This enhances the local induction at the hospital and ensures that new doctors are as well prepared for work as they possibly can be.