Revalidation & Appraisal

At NES Healthcare we are committed to engaging with Revalidation and have invested time and resources to ensure that suitable processes are in place.


Our Responsible Officer, Dr Stephen Drotske, has been instrumental through his work with the Independent Healthcare Advisory Service (IHAS) and the GMC’s Revalidation Reference Group in establishing RMO employers as Designated Bodies with the Department of Health.


Dr Drotske was one of the first group of thirty doctors in the UK that Revalidated on 17th December 2012 and has since had the privilege to conduct Appraisals for other Responsible Officers. This has enabled us as a Company to remain at the forefront of any developments in this area, thereby ensuring that we can prepare our doctors for a seamless Appraisal which is ready for Revalidation purposes.


NES Healthcare itself became a designated body in April 2013.


NES has pioneered and trialled methods of obtaining information for the Appraisals, including 360° and patient feedback forms to assist our RMOs with their Appraisals. The Audits that we have conducted over the last couple of years have also proven to be of great value in the Appraisal discussion. 


Our team of Appraisers was trained externally and then followed up with the NHS Revalidation Support Team (RST) Top Up training programme. Ongoing training for the Appraisers is conducted with the assistance of external review. The outcome from all of this work, training and preparation of appropriate documentation is a quality and uniform standard of Appraisal for all NES doctors.


Further to this we introduced the RST’s electronic Medical Appraiser format so that all doctors had access to an electronic folder in which to gather all of the documentary evidence needed for their Appraisal.     


To date we have conducted many Revalidation-ready Appraisals for our own doctors, and are considered by many in the industry to be the authorities within our sector. As a result of this we have been asked on occasion to assist companies that are struggling with Appraisals or are in need of Responsible Officer services.    


As well as being a member of IHAS, and the GMC’s Reference Group, NES Healthcare forms part of the South Central Strategic Health Authority.